Better together – your business and BondiShare

We’ve seen growing evidence of confusion from customers on the need for better security and efficiently with The Cloud. Let’s take a closer look at what the BondiSuite tools offer and how they can actually work together with your business. From IT teams looking to architect an overall Cloud working solution to managing your communications security.


Mass-market cloud platforms are not always a good fit for every business. If your team ever needs to share or collaborate on sensitive or confidential information, you need to make sure it’s as secure as it can be and that you have as much control as you need so that you can meet compliance standards. That’s where BondiShare comes in: it’s a private, secure, sharing and collaboration platform which we set up for you so that it works in exactly the way you want.

Human error is the biggest known cause of data breaches

Human error is the biggest known cause of data breaches across all business sectors, according to research. Accidental loss, misplacement, and damage of documents can have catastrophic results for the some professions, so secure data storage is essential.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found that the legal sector was responsible for 8% of the 3,263 data incidents reported in the last quarter of 2018-19. Aside from other non-cyber incidents, the most common case of a data breach was data being posted or faxed to the incorrect recipient, accounting for 16% of cases, with 12% being responsible for emailing the documents to the wrong recipient!

the most common case of a data breach was data being emailed, posted or faxed to an incorrect recipient

Without an organised system in place, it is easy for files to be mishandled. Despite firms having clear policies and procedures about the use of client’s information, and thorough guidelines on staff training, accidents unfortunately still happen.

Firms storing data online need to be aware of the different fraudulent methods they could be susceptible to. Any staff with access to the documents must also have security training.

With BondiShare you have everything you need to work with a private cloud repository for your files with the option to share them inside and outside your organisation. Fully managed, monitored, and with twice daily backups BondiShare offers the following features;

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