BondiVoice APN

Raising the bar against spyware and Trojans on your mobile.

What is BondiVoice APN?

BondiVoice is a networking solution which routes all your mobile data traffic to your own private gateways.  The solution allows you to communicate your most valuable information with peace of mind as it tries to fight the threats of spyware and trojans that may infect your mobile phones. BondiVoice solution is based on Bondi SIM and Bondi AI telecom partners and it’s available for Android and iOS.

Protect your communications

As more work is done remotely, we all feel the need for more secure mobile communications. BondiVoice allows you to communicate even the most sensitive information directly from your mobile device. By employing advanced software and encryption algorithms, BondiVoice makes sure that absolutely no one can intercept your calls. Not even us at Bondi AI.

As more work is done remotely, we all feel the need for more secure mobile communications. BondiVoice APN allows you to communicate even the most sensitive information directly from your mobile device

Fully Encrypted. Firewalled. Protected!

The best solution for protecting your intellectual property and company data is BondiVoice.


Bondi’s telecom partner routes all mobile data traffic to the customer’s managed server without sending a single packet via Internet. The telecom’s private network is connected to the customer’s server and the mobile device can transfer and receive data packets to the Internet only through a managed server. The Customers’ managed server routes all the in house traffic to servers that are not exposed to the Internet and routes all the external traffic to the Internet via a firewall that uses a white list to allow or deny access. Spyware and Trojans needs to communicate with a server to exfiltrate data from the mobile device. However by using the white list of vetted IPs, any IPs related to Spears or Trojans can be blocked.


As more work is increasingly being done remotely, and with the use of Smartphones, it is imperative that you feel confident the information you are sharing with others is protected. BondiVoice APN helps to safeguard even your most sensitive communications, by making sure that absolutely nobody can intercept your calls, not even us at BondiPlatform! It prevents interception on end-to-end communications, making sure all the data gets to the right person and putting your mind at rest.


The steps are as simple as this. You sign up for the use of BondiVoice APN and are given a one-time QR code. The subscriber scans this, and from here the app will automatically set up the smartphone. Once the encryption key is negotiated, your communication is condensed into meaningless, incoherent fragments that can only be deciphered by the other caller’s device. All information flows directly between these two smartphones. Identity is authenticated for the first time via two randomly generated code words. After each communication, this encryption key is permanently deleted from both phones. Likewise, if they are intercepted, no past calls can be decrypted.

BondiVoice fights against spyware and trojans as we consider it should be "normal" to use end-to-end encryption. The big advantage of BondiVoice is the private network between the mobile and the enterprise resource.


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