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I’ve been a remote worker for 25 years – part 1

I work in a company with offices spread  across the world, and I’m responsible for teams spread across several countries and continents.

This experience means that I’ve been well-placed to help both professionals and others outside my company as they seek to adapt to these times of social distancing.  My specific expertise is in corporate sales, but by putting that to one side, I can better understand their particular context and identify the smart collaboration tools and platforms which will best serve their needs.

Pretty-much everybody is comfortable these days with the main forms of online communication.  Unfortunately, though, there’s often an uneasy relationship between the ‘official’ communication tool – email ( a tool which pre-dates the internet and mobile devices by some decades and has well-documented problems and limitations) – and more immediate and informal, ‘unofficial’ tools such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and others.

This is hopelessly inefficient: too much time is spent searching for information or hopping from one silo to another, with the result being interruptions in the smooth and seamless flow of information.

I always suggest moving to a single, more integrated, platform that covers all a firm’s communication and collaboration needs.  This brings huge efficiency benefits and reduces stress as everybody can find what they need at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The platform I recommend is BondiShare, which includes full file sharing, chat and video-conferencing.  It has lots of useful features you probably don’t even realise you need, such as one-to-one or group chats which remove the need for your colleagues or teams to resort to WhatsApp.  We all know that if a company’s ‘official’ communication tool is email, WhatsApp is almost certainly being used unofficially – unless something better is provided.

This is where BondiSuite comes into its own.  It offers chat, post, task and file-sharing in a single web service or app, meaning you can arrange participants, conversations and documents however you like.  It also has great extra features, such as bi-directional integration with email. That means you can include external contacts in your team discussions, even if they don’t have BondiSuite accounts.

Try BondiSuite today.  Just contact me and I’ll set you up with some trial login credentials so you can test it out and see how this great private cloud solution can help you adapt to new and more efficient ways of working.

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