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BondiSuite in manufacturing

In a just-in-time world severely hit by the quarantine, many process are in suspended status, and many others will change forever.

Being competitive requires transforming your manufacturing operation into a coordinated network of customers, suppliers, processes, and services. BondiSuite provides file control, synchronisation, secure communication, quick chats, and visibility to streamline your supply chain from A to Z.

Globally-synchronised file access and chats across desktops, laptops, and smartphones accelerates planning, optimises logistics, and ultimately boosts sales — meanwhile, BondiShare provides detailed auditing capabilities, and intelligent reporting.

BondiShare can easily help any manufacturing company control file-sharing with clever tags and workflows. By implementing tags, you can fine-tune the file-sharing by protecting data from unauthorised access or modifications. BondiChat is a faster and better way to let your internal teams communicate using computers or mobile devices. 

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Available as individual solutions or as a full suite


BondiChat allows your business to move beyond email to smarter, more nimble teamworking using private or group messaging, channels, hashtags and mentions.


BondiShare is a private, secure, sharing & collaboration platform which is set up to work exactly the way you want it to. Fully managed and regularly backed up.


BondiVideo is video calling done right. Fully-encrypted and based on your own dedicated Amazon Web Servers (AWS), it provides strict access controls.


Available for Android and iOS, BondiVoice is a smartphone App which allows completely secure voice and rich-media messages from your mobile phone.

Be safe, secure, and private

Reduce the risk of valuable information and assets getting into the wrong hands by using encrypted services and your own private cloud.