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Technology, for all its virtues, can often come with unnecessary complications that impede the productivity of your business — and this has never been more apparent than in the throes of the COVID pandemic. Working from home has become the standard, and with it, comes new challenges for employees and employers.

Even for those of us who’ve always worked online, the familiar struggles of lagging systems, lengthy backups and cumbersome file sharing have only gotten more frustrating with the increase in remote workers. It is estimated that the number of remote workers will increase by 87% by 2025, from pre-pandemic levels.

Fear not, there is a simple solution: Bondi AI presents BondiSuite — a multipurpose, all-encompassing management and communication system with award winning security, and total customisation.

We are devoted to helping you streamline your business procedures; whatever they may involve. With focused tech support and a team of experts, any of your questions can be answered.

It is estimated that the number of remote workers will increase by 87% by 2025.

Available as individual solutions or as a full suite


BondiChat allows your business to move beyond email to smarter, more nimble teamworking using private or group messaging, channels, hashtags and mentions.


BondiShare is a private, secure, sharing & collaboration platform which is set up to work exactly the way you want it to. Fully managed and regularly backed up.


BondiVideo is video calling done right. Fully-encrypted and based on your own dedicated Amazon Web Servers (AWS), it provides strict access controls.


Available for Android and iOS, BondiVoice is a smartphone App which allows completely secure voice and rich-media messages from your mobile phone.

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Create and Innovate

Introduce a spirit of kaizen and encourage continuous improvement by giving people the tools they need and a collaborative environment that fosters it.
Choose better; Choose BondiSuite.

Be safe, secure, and private

Reduce the risk of valuable information and assets getting into the wrong hands by using encrypted services and your own private cloud.