Identify and break your bad online habits

Part One Cybersecurity threats continue to pose a significant risk to businesses and individuals around the world. As we increasingly rely on digital technologies, the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches is only growing. Here’s a summary of recent statistics on cybersecurity threats from different parts of the world: In the United States, the […]

A win against “Zero-Click” infections designed to exfiltrate data from mobile devices

Israeli Spyware Vendor QuaDream to Shut Down Following Citizen Lab and Microsoft Expose. It was a high-stakes game of cat and mouse between the tech giants and the shadowy world of cyber espionage this week as Microsoft exposed the QuaDream hacking toolset! QuaDream, which specialises in hacking Apple devices using “zero-click” infections which do not […]

Apple Release Emergency Update to Block NSO Spyware

Apple Releases an Emergency Security Update to Block NSO’s Pegasus Spyware Pegasus Spyware, the ‘Privacy Killer’ can be installed remotely on devices running on iOS and Android systems. The trojan is automatically installed without the host even opening the infected message. It can completely monitor all activity on the targeted device by hacking into the […]

OVH Fire destroyed more than first thought

In light of the recent news about the OVH fire which destroyed four halls of SBG1, as well as all of SBG2 it shows that even those who feel they have prepared can miss important details.

Newsletter Sep 3 – Are you SmartWorking?

Smartxchange News (Week 36) Business resources to help build resilience Adapting and changing to the new way of operating a business is hard and time consuming, especially during this uncertainty whether we will be hit with a second wave of Covid-19 or with new rules and regulations introduced by the government. We live in a world of […]